BBLogger F.A.Q.

In this page we would provide some answers to most common questions about BBLogger

Q. My O.S. is Windows Vista, I installed the software but when I run it a box telling that BBLogger does not run. What can I do?
A. Vista often does not allow softwares without digital signature to run. To avoid this problem some ways are available: First of all be sure to run the software with administrator privileges: select from the folder where BBLogger has been installed and click with right button of the mouse on the executable file BBLogger. Select Properties. Click on Protection then on Administrators. Be sure that in the box “Authorizations” first five items are tagged with “Allow” elsewhere with “Modifiy” change the settings. It could be necessary to disable the user control of Windows Vista. Windows Vista has got a control system to avoid problems with softwares without digital signature (all unprofessional softwares like this do not have any digital signature) and often that locks the programs. To disable the control fom “Settings” -> “Check Panel” click on “User Account”. Click on “Enable or disable user control” in order to untag the box ”To protect the computer enable the control on the User Account”. Restart the computer. If the troubles still are present you can start the software under Windows XP mode instead of Vista. Click on the BBlogger icon on the desktop with the right button of the mouse and select ”Properties” then click on “Compatibility” and tag the box ”Run the program in compatibility mode for” selecting Windows XP.
Q. I tried all these ways but no chance. What else can I do?
A. If all previous ways failed maybe your Anti-Virus locks BBLogger. You can exclude the BBLogger folder from its check. Open the Preferences of your Anti-Virus software and exclude the folder or the executables from the check.
Q. BBTerminal does not work. It cannot find the serial port.
A. New computers don’t have serial ports (RS232) just USB ones. In this case you must get a USB-Serial adapter.
Q. With BBTerminal I can receive but the radio does not transmit.
A. try to change the PTT settings from current position to the alternate one (RTS/DTR)
Q. The updating program downloads the files but cannot install them.
A. Maybe you have an old version of this software Download from HERE the newest one to be decompressed in the same folder of BBLogger.
Q. I cannot save my personal data / my QSO’s.
A. Maybe the computer cannot manage the Access files. try to install this software: MDAC or (if no success) RE-INSTALL NET FRAMEWORK 2. It is highly probable somthing is corrupt. A new installation of Net Freamework 2 could repair the corrupted files.
Q. How can I install and use Worldcall (*) ?
A. Worldcall 2009 is available for download from this web site (Download section).
Once downloaded the file WORLD09.ZIP decompress it in a empty folder called DATA (or that you wish).
The archive contains 2 files:
These 2 files are not enough to get the Callbook working under BBLogger, you need to create another index called WORLD.NDX with the utility FLY.EXE, and a file WORLD.INF that we will examinate later.
Do that:
In the same folder DATA put the file FLY.EXE (it can be downloaded from this web site as FLY.ZIP, then decompress it in the folder DATA)
Double-click on FLY.EXE
After some timethe index file WORLD.NDX will be create.
Now you can rename the file WORLD.BOK as WORLD.DBF:
From Start > PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES > PROMPT open a DOS session:
CD\ (strike Enter)
CD DATI (Enter)
EXIT (Enter)
mind the spaces !
Now you have to create the file WORLD.INF. Open the Notebook and write:


just these two rows, you can copy and paste them from this page.
Save the file in the folder DATA as WORLD.INF
Now you can use the Callbook.
From Menu Tools of BBLogger select Configuration/Maintenance, tag the box *.DBF and, with the key “\…” hook the file WORLD.DBF in your folder DATA.
Click OK.
(*) Worldcall is property of Marco Marconetto IK1MTT. To get the 2010 edition, please write to the Author:

Q. I have on my HD several versions of .Net Framework. Can I remove the old ones?
A. When you install .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, it is comprehensive of the versions 2.0 SP2 and 3.0 SP2 and, if you try to remove it, you will get an error message.
The answer to this question depends from the use you do of your computer and from the programs installed on it.
To avoid problems and to give a general advice to all, but particularily if yoy got problems in order to the installations of the uptates from "Windows Update", better to remove all the versions of .Netframework, re-install just the newest one, and install the other older versions just in case some old software asks for them.
To remove them, you need just the normal procedure of Windows Installer. Remove them starting from the youngest version to the oldest one.
Is some error comes out during a removing of some version, after hitting "OK" and have left the classic removing procedure, you can use this tool: Download .NET Framework Setup Cleanup Utility It removes from the PC and from its register every file and register keys of the .Net Framework version you want to delete.
This tool is very easy to use because it shows just a menu and a button with the caption "Clean up Now".