HAM car plates

HAM car plates for U.S.A and Canada


A very common "souvenir" that many HAMs are used to bring home from their journeys is a car plate with the own Callsign in place of the registration number. I made templates for all 50 States, DC, Puerto Rico and American Samoa. I will be happy to make a JPG picture for you, if you wish. Please fill the form with the requested data and I will send you the picture, free. Please notice that the picture size is very large: 1000 x (about) 500 pixels. Warning: these pictures are just for fun and cannot be used for other purposes. In some cases the fonts are similar but not exactly the same as the original ones. Please ask no other than your Callsign or SWL call, anything else will be put in the trashcan. Please consider that all pics are handmade, not generated by automatized systems or Java applets. The realization of all templates needed many hours of work with computer graphic softwares. So be patient, I will send your pic asap. More than 5000 plates made so far!

Last but not least: I still am receiving forms without applicant's email address. How can I send the JPG without it? I receive the form from www.bravenet.com  not from you, so I cannot know your email address!


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Other plates for AR, CO, CT, IN, ME, MI, MN, NM, NY, SC.
If you wish you can have your plate with or without a radio tower badge (somewhere).
If you wish you can have your plate with or without the ARRL/RAC logo (somewhere).
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