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Attention please: from IK6CAC's Web Site it is possible to download the updated setup. If you already have the EURA Software installed but out of date, please download and run just these two patches:

Attenzione: dal sito di IK6CAC si pu˛ scaricare ora solo il setup completo e aggiornato. Se avete il programma giÓ installato e volete solo aggiornarlo senza reinstallarlo usate le due patch qui sotto: la #1 serve per aggiornare le ER britanniche che sono state ridenominate, la #2 per aggiungere le nuove ER di Romania e Bulgaria (valide per QSO a partire dal 1/1/2007):

#1 - Renames the British Euro Regions

#2 - Adds the Euro Regions of Romania and Bulgaria (valid since 1 Jan 2007)

BBLogger is also able to manage the EURA

Important News: from July 1st 2013 Croatia has become Member of European Union, so new ER have been added to the list, as follows:






Important note: since January 1st 2016 the French Metropolitan Regions have been re-assembled. They are now 13 instead of 22. Anyway, to avoid problems with EURA, we still consider them as in the past, so no changes will be made to the current EURA entities.

BREXIT: June 23rd 2016, Great Britain left the E.U., the british ER will have to be erased, but only when the "Brexit" will be effective, from every point of view, so at the moment all will continue as usual. How the standings will change: new levels will be accorded with new number of the entities. Previously earned levels and confirmed number of entities won't change. Only new awards will be issued according with new levels. The number of entities that are going to be erased should be 24, that means the total number of the entities should decrease from 247 to 223.


  • 10-10-10: The dissolution of Netherlands Antilles does not result in any change for EURA. ABC (Aruba, Bonaire and Curašao) still are 055 DUTCH SOUTH AMERICA and SSS (Sint Maarten, Saba and Sint Eustatius) still are 054 DUTCH NORTH AMERICA