EURA On-Line / Rules in 66 languages


Since October 1st, 2010 the EURA can be requested FREE as PDF or JPG file, ready to be printed by a common inkjet printer. To get it please follow these directionss:

1) Download the Application Form HERE, fill it and send it to this address : E-MAIL. Forms generated by the dedicated softwares EURA by IK6CAC or BBLogger by IK2VIW & IK2UVR are also accepted.

Of course you can request the old paper Award as in the past, with a fee of 5 Euro or 7 US $ for postage. Payments can also be done through  to same e-mail address. Once received the fee, the award will be sent to the address found in the form.


A partire dal 1° Ottobre 2010 è possibile richiedere l'EURA gratuitamente come file PDF o JPG, stampabili con una comune stampante a getto d'inchiostro. Per fare questo seguire i seguenti passi:

Scaricate questo MODULO compilatelo e speditelo a questo indirizzo E-MAIL. Moduli generati dai software dedicati EURA di IK6CAC o BBLogger di IK2VIW & IK2UVR sono ugualmente accettati.

Naturalmente è sempre possibile richiedere il diploma cartaceo come in passato con il contributo di 5 Euro o 7 Dollari USA. Potete versare la somma via  indicando come e-mail lo stesso indirizzo . Appena ricevuto il pagamento il diploma sarà inviato all' indirizzo che avrete specificato.


The A.R.I. Section of Busto Arsizio proposes to OM/YL and SWL all over the world the EURA, “European Union Regions Award”. 

To get this Award it is necessary to have contacted and confirmed with QSL card (paper card or electronic card) stations located in the different Euro-Regions as displayed in the official table:


At the moment there are 247 of them, but their number will increase when new members will join the European Union, next enlargement will be July 1st, 2013 when Croatia will join the E.U. The validity of the contacts starts from the date of membership, as follows:

  • 1st January 1958 (date of starting of the Treaties of Rome) for Belgium, Fed. Rep. of Germany, France, Italy, Luxemburg and Netherlands.

  • 1st January 1973 for Denmark, Great Britain and Ireland.

  • 1st January 1981 for Greece.

  • 1st January 1986 for Portugal and Spain.

  • 3rd October 1990 for ex DDR (Y2/Y9 prefixes are NOT valid)

  • 1st January 1995 for Austria, Finland and Sweden.  

  • 1st May 2004 for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Malta and Cyprus.

  • 1st January 2007 for Romania and Bulgaria.

  • 1st July 2013 for Croatia

All the contacts must be made from the same Country and with an own and not-temporarily assigned callsign.

There is only one version of the Award: mixed. All the bands assigned to the Radio Amateur Service and all the modes are allowed, satellites included.

There are 5 classes of the Award, identified by coloured star-shaped stickers:

1. Basic: 50% of the Euro-Regions confirmed (at the moment 124)

2. Bronze: 60% of the Euro-Regions confirmed (at the moment 148)

3. Silver: 75% of the Euro-Regions confirmed (at the moment 185)

4. Gold: 90% of the Euro-Regions confirmed (at the moment 222)

5. Honour Roll: 100% of the Euro-Regions confirmed (at the moment 242, next 247)

Whenever new members join the European Union, the numbers above will change, according with the fixed percentages. Issued Awards won’t change, but further upgrades will have to respect the new levels.

To claim the Award the QSL cards are not required but they must be in possession of the applicant and could be requested anytime for checks.

Paper application forms must be sent to this address:

Paper version: the fee is 5 Euro or 7 U.S. $ for each requested Award (NO IRC). Upgrades are free as on-line Award.

Download the forms for the EURA application in Word format.

Computerized forms are also accepted but they must be like the official form.