European Union Counties Challenge
European Union Counties Challenge
BREXIT: June 23rd 2016, Great Britain left the E.U., the british Counties will have to be erased, but only when the "Brexit" will be effective, from every point of view, so at the moment all will continue as usual.

We are proud to introduce a new Award that is a real challenge: it is based on the subdivisions of second or third level of the 28 Countries members of the European Union. These subdivision have different names in the different Countries, as County, District, Province, Department, and so on. We will call all them Counties, just for convention. The County Codes have the ISO 3166-1 code, followed by a hyphen and by the ISO 3166-2 code when possible, or by other codes like e.g. the area codes of the vehicle registration plates of that Country. Some examples: Italian province of Turin = IT-TO, French Department Bouches-du-Rhone = FR-13, Portuguese District of Lisbon = PT-LX and so on. Your challenge will consist in collecting at least 300 Counties, with advances each further 300 Counties. Each QSO / HRD must be confirmed through QSL card, either paper or electronic. The e-QSL of the main eQSL interchange web sites like, HRD Log, etc. are valid but they must contain the QTH of your correspondent. LoTW does not provide eQSL cards. Here are the ISO 3166-1 codes with the links of Countries' pages where are all info to detect the right County:

AT - Austria EE - Estonia HU - Hungary NL - Netherlands
BE - Belgium ES - Spain IE - Ireland PL - Poland
BG - Bulgaria FI - Finland IT - Italy PT - Portugal
CY - Cyprus FR - France LT - Lithuania RO - Romania
CZ - Czech Republic GB - Gr. Britain and NI LU - Luxembourg SE - Sweden
DE - Germany GR - Greece LV - Latvia SI - Slovenia
DK - Denmark HR - Croatia MT - Malta SK - Slovakia

The Codes of the overseas dependencies of some Countries are not used as primary code but as secondary code, e.g. for St. Helena it will be GB-SH. The valid dependencies are just those with resident civil population and not those with only military, scientific or meteorological statements.

Vi presentiamo un Diploma che è una vera sfida: esso è basato sulle suddivisioni di secondo o terzo livello dei 28 Stati membri del'Unione Europea. Ognuna di queste suddivisioni ha un diverso nome, Contea, Distretto, Provincia, Autorità Unitaria, Dipartimento, ecc. Per semplicità le chiameremo Contee. I codici di queste Contee sono stati  elaborati con il codice ISO 3166-1 code, seguito da un trattino e dal codice ISO 3166-2 quando applicabile, oppure da altri codici come ad esempio l'indicativo che compare sulle targhe automobilistiche. Così per la Provincia italiana di Torino sarà: IT-TO, per il Dipartimento francese Bouches-du-Rhone sarà FR-13, per il Distretto portoghese di  Lisbona sarà PT-LX e così via. La vostra sfida consisterà nel lavorare o ascoltare almeno 300 Contee, con avanzamenti per ogni altre 300 Contee lavorate o ascoltate e confermate. Non preoccupatevi per le conferme: le QSL elettroniche dei maggiori siti di interscambio di eQSL come ad esempio, HRD Log, ecc. sono valide, a patto che contengano chiaramente il QTH del vostro corrispondente. I codici delle dipendenze d'oltremare di alcuni Paesi non sono stati usati come codice primario ma come codice secondario, ad esempio per St. Helena sarà GB-SH. Le dipendenze considerate sono solamente quelle con popolazione residente, e non con sole basi militari, scientifiche o meteorologiche.


Since our purpose is to put everyone at same level,  the valid QSO / HRD will be those made on or after January 1st 2014. All bands and all modes are allowed, except those using terrestrial repeaters or VoIP.  At present the entities are 2101. Applicants can claim the First Level - RED, once reached 300 entities worked/heard and confirmed through QSL or eQSL card (no LoTW!). Cards must clearly show the QTH. Further levels will be each 300 entities worked/heard and confirmed. They are: Second Level - ORANGE at 600, Third Level - GOLD at 900, Fourth Level - GREEN at 1200, Fifth Level - CYAN at 1500 and Sixth Level - PURPLE at 1800 entities. The Honor Roll Award (BLUE and YELLOW) is established at 2000 entities. A Special Plate, free of costs, will be sent to those who will collect ALL entities existing at the time they will apply for it. When new Countries will reach the European Union, new entities will be added to the list. Followers can download this Excel file to keep updated their score. Same file can be used as Application Form to be sent to the Manager. The Award is managed by BBLogger. The list does not contain the Province of Kyrenia (Cyprus): it is totally under control of the so called "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" and cannot be considered valid, at the moment, for this award. We hope this status will change as soon as possible with a re-unification of that Country. Other Provinces of Cyprus are workable as totally or partially under control of the Republic of Cyprus, recognized as EU Member. Please notice that the number of EUCC entities can change, reflecting national changes, so this list can be updated anytime.

Recent changes: EIRE: County of Tipperary re-unified, Cities of Cork and Galway established as entities different than their Counties.

Download the Excel file to manage the EUCC: click  ---> HERE <---
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Too hard? My dear... this is not an award, this is a CHALLENGE !